As one of the largest electricity and infrastructure companies in Central Lithuania, We are guided by unwavering commitments to the highest quality standards, sustainability, innovation, and modernity, offering competitive solutions that span from meticulous project planning to execution and long-term maintenance.


We are dedicated to shaping a more beautiful and energy-innovative future for Lithuania and leverage our experience in renovating diverse buildings, all while carefully considering the community’s needs and ensuring efficiency.


Construction and repair of power lines

The construction and repair of power lines is a field that requires a great deal of care and quality, and we approach this work with unrivalled responsibility. In every project, we look for modern, sustainable and safe solutions that meet the needs of modern society.



We firmly believe that a modern, user-friendly, and efficient infrastructure forms the bedrock of a prosperous state, therefore, we allocate special attention and resources to its development, meticulously addressing the needs of society, business, and the state.


Construction and reconstruction of transformer substations

Using modern equipment and an experienced team of specialists, we carry out the construction and renovation of transformer substations from plan to finished result.